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Working with schools can be difficult, particularly if you do not know or fully understand the laws and requirements schools MUST follow for students with special needs. To navigate the system and ensure your child and family receive the services to which you are entitled, you might need a partner. PACES has the experience, knowledge and skills to ensure your child receives the necessary services required to be successful academically.

The PACES staff clearly understands the IEP process from every possible angle. We are experienced in 504 plans, suspensions and expulsions, assessments and placements. Because we understand how dedicated you are to see your child receive the best possible educational experience, we can help you navigate through the road blocks you might be facing. Having had the experience of being within the school system as well as being an advocate, we can help bridge the gap with the least amount of friction. Let PACES assist you so your child can experience the joy of learning and feel comfortable in the school setting.

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The situation your family and child are in is not hopeless or even unusual. Martina Sholiton, founder of PACES, has successfully guided many other families in positions similar to yours. When confused and frustrated while trying to do the best for your child, it is best to hear from someone who has suffered the same pain and frustrations. Here’s what one mom recently said about working with Martina:

“Martina Sholiton of “PACES”has been there for my son and me when no one else seemed to care or listen or wanted to help us with his special needs. He has struggled with his education for many years. Martina guided us every step of the way with kindness and assertiveness to ensure that my son’s education would consist of actual learning experiences and demonstrated academic progress. Thanks to her, he feels much more capable of learning and that, for him, the sky is he limit. We love her!”

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Martina Sholiton

She has worked as a Special Education Administrator for the past 9 years.

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“Martina Sholiton of “PACES” Has been there for my son and I when no one else seemed to listen and or help us with his special needs to get a proper education.”

Parent of a 15 year old, 504 Plan, Santa Cruz, CA

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